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Specialists In Freezers & Cold Rooms -
Service and supply new Air-conditioners -
Panel Walls Construction for Mining Camps, Sheds and Housing

Repairs and installation
Large coldroom installation
We have both truck mounted petrol driven machines and portable machines for the hard to get to areas

Stallard's Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has been in Townsville since 1978 and is now recognised as the leader in the unique North Queensland and Northern Territory markets.

Ron Stallard has been supplying and servicing our quality range of air-conditioning and refrigeration products for 32 years through a deep understanding of the customer's requirements and time frames.

Our experience extends from the rural to residential industries and from commercial to industrial.

Stallard's has a fleet of eight vehicles, several trailers and one tilt bed truck all designed to ensure a quick and reliable response.

Ron himself, visits each and every demolition and/or installation site to ensure you benefit from his years of experience.

Each member of the Stallards's team actively works towards ensuring the consistent delivery of the highest quality service.

We take pride in the long-standing relationships that we develop with our customers.

Put simply - Our goal is to deliver QUALITY products and service at the most competitive prices.